Transparency is about being open and honest with the people that support you. The Humanity Project is proud to be 100% transparent.

2014-2015 Finances



— Names have been blacked out for privacy purposes —


How we used your donations

•    Helped two Homeless people get off the street and into their new homes
• Gave out 87 winter survival bags to the homeless on our streets, along with blankets and food
• Fed 141 Families and provided necessities including diapers and formula
• Started a community garden to feed those in need and the working poor in our city
•    Sponsored and bought toys for 17 Families at Christmas
•    Donated two truck loads of toys to What kids Need Moncton Inc.
•    Distributed 45 garbage bags of miscellaneous items to 5 different organizations
•    Shared awareness of what we are doing at The Atlantic Nationals and the Hub City Tattoo Festival.
• Gave away a TV,BBQ, gift cards among other great things.
•    Bought movie and magic mountain passes for children at one of our local schools
• Gave away over 230 free coffee and donuts as a Random Act of Kindness.
•    Have continued to donate food, clothes, furniture and necessities to other organization in our city.