Tent City

“Tent City” – an independent Canadian documentary fully produced in Moncton, New Brunswick. This thirty minute film offers a glimpse inside a hidden and frequently misunderstood area of the city – a community within. One created by tents. Tents occupied by those seeking shelter. People without homes. But with much to say.

“Tent City” debuted on our YouTube Channel on July 14th. Please watch, share and comment.

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The Humanity Project is a registered not-for-profit corporation and a social community for believers that the world cannot change with one person’s actions alone – we must unite, regardless of age, gender, race, education, sexual preference, language, social status, religion or political views. Together, we can ignite social change and improve the everyday lives of our fellow human beings. The Humanity Project is the work of our community members that help us move towards social development.

Our objective is to optimize the ways in which a non-profit organization operates by working our best to ensure 100% of donated resources are put directly back into the community and eliminating any administrative costs or salaries that may be present in a large number of similar organizations. We believe that this can be achieved through community donations of both time and resources to eliminate financial administrative burdens.

We believe in open honesty in regards to all of our records (contributions, donations, expenses, etc.) and open them to the public, so supporters clearly understand where resources are allocated. When it comes to the greater good of our cause, there should be nothing to hide. Our mission is to inspire like-minded individuals to join our cause and help us achieve improvement in our societies.

People Helping People

We Can’t Do this without you. People from all walks of life donate their time and resources to make sure no one goes hungry, or cold, donate supplies, tents, clothing and more every day


Giving Your Time

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We can’t do this without you.

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