We’re proud and excited to launch our newest project, “Project: Food or Medicine”.

So many of New Brunswick’s seniors have to make a tremendously difficult choice between their monthly groceries, or their medication. We would like to alleviate as much of this hardship as we can over the coming weeks, with your help.

We’ve decided on a bottle drive as our main source of monetary funding for the project, although not the sole source. We are also looking for volunteers who are good with coupons. We think it will make a large difference if we can purchase groceries for the elderly at the lowest possible cost.

So here is a preliminary list of things we want to collect, organize, etc.

  • Recyclable bottles and cans which can be dropped off at 216 High st. or 594 Pine Glen Rd. Just put it on “The Humanity Project” account.
  • Looking for seniors in need
  • Frugal volunteers who are good at couponing.
  • Your comments and suggestions which you can leave below.