Winter Survival –  this is the beginning of our first project. The project started with a bang, donations have flooded in from all over. We couldn’t have asked for a better start, at this point, we were even a little overwhelmed. However, in this case, that was a great thing.

Our rather immediate success required us to come up with a way to store the donations before it became an actual problem. Unbeknownst to us at the time, the solution was only a few phone calls away. Literally every business we asked to help us store the donations said yes, without hesitation. That being said, we would like to thank the following businesses for their support

MRM Construction Ltd
Riverview Skate Park & Youth Centre
Hell or Highwater Tattoo’s

The amount of physical donations began piling up right away, we had over 40 hats and mittens/gloves alone. It was pretty apparent that we needed to get all of the donations organized and ready for packing as soon as possible. It ended up taking 4 -5 hours, with a grand total of 32 survival kits (not counting the random extras) when all was said and done. Considering everything, that wasn’t too bad. You can check out the video below to see what we ended up with.

Donations and Backpacks