After getting in contact with the Red Cross to help us locate those in the most desperate of need, they generously offered to give our number out to those who may be in need of some assistance. It didn’t take long before we received a call from a local resident.

The lady in question has suffered multiple setbacks in a short amount of time. She has endured a heart attack, seizure and hospitalization (of which she doesn’t remember the first few days). Upon returning home she was hit with an end of the year equalized billing bill of over $1000 and no power, which meant spoiled food. If that mountain of hardships were not enough, her husband’s EI benefits were cut short by 8 weeks. What this means for this couple is nothing less than disaster. They were able to get their power turned back on, however their mortgage payment is in question and they have no food, or means of acquiring it.

We literally received this call last night (as of the writing of this article) so, needless to say we felt it was imperative to do something immediately. With the non-perishables (and in this case perishables, they were bought specifically for this couple so they are safe) donated by all of you, we were able to alleviate some their hardships for a little while. We would also like to thanks Dominoes Pizza for donating free pizza and cheesy bread (yum!) to the couple.

We will keep everyone in the loop with this wonderful couple as we move forward. Food won’t be enough but hopefully we can support them with whatever resources we can muster, until they can get to a better position.

Again, thanks to everyone!