After collecting the donations and acquiring the pertinent information, we were finally able to hit the streets. This was what we had all been working towards since the idea was first born- benevolent action.

Excited wasn’t quite the way I would describe the feeling we all seemed to share as we packed the survival kits. It was a mixture of nervousness, excitement, joy and trepidation. Discombobulated feelings aside, we packed up the van and headed towards Moncton.

The first three to four hours of the night were fairly uneventful, as far as coming across anyone; most likely because we had started out at 9 pm, which looking back, was probably too early to start. Live and learn, as they say.

As the hours passed and the temperature dropped, we began to find the people who lacked a place to stay. Words aren’t enough to tell the story from this point on, so please take the time to view the video below.