We often find people express a desire to help, but feel lost in terms of ways to help. Our organization is flexible on ways in which people can contribute- whether that be volunteer work, or goods and services. Oftentimes there can be hesitation on financial donations- because people question what portion of their donation will actually be given to those in need.

The Humanity Project wants to challenge this perspective. Even the smallest bit helps. Aside from financial donations or volunteer work, following us on YouTube, Twitter and like us on Facebook. Share our story with friends and family and you can even suggest new ideas on what our next project should be and innovative ways to raise funds and awareness.

Contact Us if you would like help getting The Humanity Project started in your community. Please join us in our mission to change social consciousness, and see a real change in your community!

Monetary Donations

Donate by clicking the link below. Remember, 100% of monetary donations go to the community.



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donate your optimum points to the humanity project!


Recycle to feed people
An innovative way to help The Humanity Project, your community AND the environment is to turn in your recyclables at any of the approved drop-off locations listed below. The only thing you have to do is remember to let the desk attendant know that you want to put the funds on The Humanity Project account. We thank you, the community thanks you, and the environment thanks you!


Remember to let them know at the recycling depots that you are donating the proceeds of your bottles to The Humanity Project.

Riverview Bottle Exchange

Gorbers Bottle Exchange

Hillsborough Recycling Depot



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Subscribing to our YouTube page is a great way to show your support and see all of our latest videos.


Visit us on Google+. Just one more way to help, it couldn't be easier!

Volunteer With US

Want to help through direct action? Consider volunteering with us! With every new project, we continue to need volunteers for various purposes. Simply send us a message with your contact info to get started!