The Humanity Project was founded in January of 2014 in Moncton, New Brunswick by local resident, Charlie Burrell.

Charlie was driving down the street one day and noticed a homeless elderly gentleman walking outside in -36C with no hat, mittens or warm clothes. As he drove past this gentleman he kept thinking about turning around and what he could do to help this person, but did not stop to help.

As the week went on, he was burdened by his thoughts of driving past this man. As the news continued to show stories of people in need, he kept thinking “someone should do something about that”. It occurred to him that if he wanted change, he was going to have to take it upon himself, rather than waiting for others to initiate. Charles then turned to his social networks and began to ask his family and friends to donate items to build winter survival packs for the homeless community. This project kicked-off with an overwhelming response, and donations came in from all across Canada. Charlie’s mother always told him to stand up for what is right, even if you stand alone. Once he finally stood-up, he realized he was not alone in the effort towards social change.

With the help of his community, he registered as a non-profit organization in Canada, and the Humanity Project was born.