Posted on : June 21, 2015
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We would like to thank each and everyone of you who participated in Project: Winter Survival. This video took a long time to make but was worth every second of it. NONE of this would be possible without all the #Love and Support from wonderful amazing people like YOU!

This is our 2nd Project Winter Survival and will not be our last until #Homelessness is eradicated in Canada. We Have the Money and the Resources to end POVERTY in this Country but yet #Homelessness is on the rise. We can no longer depend on our governments to fix this problem, we as a people must united for the same common goal, work together, try new ideas, give a helping hand up to our fellow human beings and end this Problem.

We put this video on YouTube in hopes that it will inspire some of you to take action and help where it is needed.

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Thank You ALL for the Support and Remember #WeCanFixThis

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